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Auburn City Council votes to extend the expansion of multi-family construction moratorium


The Auburn City Council has voted to extend, but not expand the city's apartment moratorium.

Nearly 800 people signed a petition supporting the moratorium that blocks the construction of new apartments and condos in specific parts of the city.

Ironically, the apartment complex fueling this debate on growth, 160 Ross, caught fire Monday.

Auburn University students and other residents haven't even moved into 160 Ross, but already the apartment complex is the talk of the town.

Fire officials say nobody was injured, but eight units at 160 Ross were damaged in Monday's fire. Officials say the blaze is not suspicious and started on the roof, near air and electrical units.

160 Ross has been at the center of a city wide debate on growth, focusing on the number of new apartment buildings and condos the city should allow in Auburn.

Residents against building new complexes call 160 Ross "The monstrosity" in their Save the Loveliest Village online petition. 

"With our current student housing inventory, we were neither over-supplied nor under-supplied, but certainly there is a great interest in new development and we don't think it would take much to put us in an oversupply position," explained Auburn's Planning Director Forrest Cotton.    

The city planning commission has recommended the council to extend and expand the moratorium for another seven months. The extended moratorium will now last until Dec. 

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