Columbus family says child was almost abducted

Columbus family says child was almost abducted

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A Columbus family is shaken up after a man attempted to abduct their child. An unidentified man showed up to the Salvation Army on Warm Springs Road and asked for 6-year-old Alonza Alexander by name.

At around 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday, the strange man was caught on surveillance video entering into the Salvation Army.

"I thought it was my grandpa, but when I looked at him, I was like no because my grandpa wears hats," Alonza said.  

After realizing he didn't know the man he told his teachers right away. "No I don't know him."

The staff called Alonza's mother, Taylor Luckey, to inform her of the incident.

"I received a phone call and he was on the phone asking me, 'mom did you call someone to come pick me up?' says Luckey.

She also says she is the primary person to her son up. If she isn't able to, her son's father or his grandmothers will pick him up.

Like most daycare centers, the Salvation Army summer camp has a "pick up" list that includes the names of adults authorized to pick up a child.

Luckey, who also has a 14-month-old daughter, says she is uncomfortable with going home because the suspect is on the lose.

"I'm scared. I'm a single parent," Luckey said. "People prey on single parents and watch us and that's the only thing that I can think of is that someone was watching us."

Luckey says she is glad that this is all over now but that it is situations like these that remind us why we should tell our kids to never talk to strangers.

There are still so many questions that the family is trying to answer - who this man is, why he chose their child and how he knew his name. Police say that this case is still under investigation and that they are waiting to get the footage from the Salvation Army before releasing a photo of the suspect.

Alonza's grandmother Beverly Alexander says that she won't rest well until the suspect is arrested

"This individual is bold enough to walk into a facility trying to abduct a child," Alexander said. "So my main concern from this point is, let's apprehend this individual and get him off the street."

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