Residents react to TN theater shooting

Residents react to TN theater shooting

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Tennessee police say a masked man carrying multiple weapons, including a fake gun, attacked people inside a movie theater near Nashville.

Authorities say suspect Vincente David Montano, who had a history of mental illness, later died in a shootout with police. This shooting has sparked the gun control debate once again as residents across the Valley talked about adding security at movie theaters.

Jim, a local veteran, said people shouldn't be scared to legally carry their firearms into a theater because of the actions of one person.
"It's not that you need to put metal detectors in buildings and keep people out, new laws should be put into place," Jim said.

Another resident from Columbus said if you put metal detectors at movie theaters, then there are going to have to put them at all public venues.

"If one place is less safe than the other, than it's just as much as a falling down of security as putting them in schools and not in churches," he said. 

A mom said she thinks metal detectors are a good idea because she normally goes to the movies with her small children.

"I'm scared to go to the movies, and now when I go to the movies I'm checking where the exits are, looking at the seat I pick, it's a sad part of our society," she said.

One resident said he prefers watching movies through streaming services, but if he does go he wants to see more security.

"I think it would be safer for everyone just to check and make sure no one is trying to bring in weapons, you don't come to the movie to do something like that, you come to watch a movie," he said. 
The shooter in this case was carrying a backpack, which is allowed at Carmike theaters, but they can be searched if anything seems suspicious. 
Carmike has yet to respond or give any comment. 

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