Late registration affects students success ahead of new school year


COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The first day of school for students in the Chattahoochee Valley starts on Monday, August 10th, but there are still parents who haven't registered their children.

Valerie Fuller of the Muscogee County school district said students need to be in the classroom on the first day, so they don't miss important school time. Students registered late affects the student's success, the teachers planning, and the bus driver's routes.

"It's sort of like a domino effect when we have late registration regardless of the reason. It affects our teacher assignments, definitely our bus routes, and bus passes throughout the district. So it's really important not just for those reasons but more specifically for the academics," Fuller said.

If you still need to register your child make sure you have the proper documents including: two proofs of residency showing a current home address, a birth certificate, a social security card, and withdrawal form or report card.

Melvin Blackwell, the chief of student services, said it's also important to build a relationship with the school and teachers starting on the very first day of school.
"If the school and the parents are not working together the child suffers," he said.

Blackwell also emphasized the importance of safety and academic success throughout the school year. Around 17,000 students ride the bus every day, and students need to be at the bus stop at least five minutes before their pickup time.

Fuller adds for safety measures, make sure your child has someone to walk to school with whether its parent or a group of other students.

"If children aren't able to eat breakfast or don't have time in the morning, our schools are open at least 30 minutes early and breakfast is served 30 minutes before school at the middle, high, and elementary level," Fuller said.

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