St. Francis faces lawsuit from ex-prospective buyer

St. Francis faces lawsuit from ex-prospective buyer

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) – St. Francis hospital in Columbus is facing a new lawsuit from an ex-prospective buyer for the hospital.

The complaint of this law suit has been sealed for 30 days upon the request of Community Health Services.

According to CHSPSC, a $5 million deposit was put down after negotiating the process of buying St. Francis Hospital.

They claimed the hospital intentionally hid and lied about problems when the Tennessee Company made the deposit.

The health company also claimed St. Francis intentionally persuaded them into the deal of giving a deposit of $5 million. However, the company confronted St. Francis about their misrepresentations and failures of disclosure, and St. Francis stopped the transaction without cause, and refunded them their deposit.

Community Health Services is suing St. Francis for $5 million to recover all of their costs and expenses CHSPSC incurred throughout the negotiating process, damages and fees and expenses.

The health company is said to be one of three companies St. Francis had discussions in which to buy the hospital.

Here is a response from St. Francis regarding this issue:

"St. Francis will have no comment about a court action filed under seal.  St. Francis will deny and rigorously defend itself against any public accusations by CHS."

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