Hit and run suspect appears in court

Hit and run suspect appears in court

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The man accused of an early July hit and run accident that severely injured a CSU student appeared in court Monday, but not on charges related to the accident.

A Russell County judge set bond at $500,000 Monday for William Tarver, for other 2009 felonies like attempted murder. Officials say he was also responsible for a July 2015 hit and run in Georgia, but must first face his alleged criminal activity in Alabama.

"Even when we caught Mr. Tarver he was hiding," said Lamont Ruffin, a deputy with the U.S. Marshals Services. 

Officials say Tarver was allegedly speed-racing on Lawyers Lane in Columbus when his car hit 19-year-old Asia Hoskins, leaving her in critical condition with severe brain injuries.

"For you to hit and run and flee the scene and cause other damage and make mayhem, it just destroys families," said Ruffin.

For Valerie Ghant, Hoskins' mother, the emotional and financial toll of Tarver's alleged actions is now weighing heavy as Hoskins fights for a miracle.

"Rehabilitation and medical expenses, therapy, could be $80,000," said Ghant.

Columbus officers say hit and run accidents are stacking up, already reaching 1,521 since January 2015, with 155 resulting injuries, and 1 death.

Just last week, a rising high school senior was the victim of a hit and run, losing his life while jogging on Steam Mill Road.

While not all ended so tragically, officials say in August alone there have been 67 hit and runs so far.

"It's very important that you stay at the scene to save lives and just give a full account of what actually happened," said Ruffin.

The family is collecting donations through an Asia Hoskins Wells Fargo account, as well as a Go-Fund-Me page.

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