Muscogee County School Board Members Meet on 1st Day of School

With kids back in the classroom in Muscogee County, the school board has a lot to talk about.
Monday night school board members briefly discussed a revised policy on bullying and a new policy on suicide prevention, both of which will be voted on at next week's meeting.

Monday night, there was also talk about a new educational software tool to improve reading for all students. Then, board member Frank Myers brought up an idea to reimburse parents in the Muscogee County school district for basic school supplies they had to purchase, which by his calculation is nearly 34 dollars per parent. "Making a priority to provide basic resources for these kids to learn.   I am going to make a motion some point we reimburse every parents in school system," says Myers.

Another board member says this is a nationwide challenge, with some kids not able to afford school supplies. The motion has been added to next week's Muscogee County school board meeting. Columbus' mayor will also be there to discuss the property tax freeze.