Health w/ Dr. Paula: the HCG Diet

Health w/ Dr. Paula: the HCG Diet

(WTVM) – A new diet plan is using a hormone that the body creates during pregnancy to help women and even men lose weight.

Dr. Paula Walker-King stopped by the morning show to talk about the HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) diet plan.

The plan is based on 500 calories per day, and dieters are typically on the plan for 30 days.

There are several danger when having a caloric restricting diet:

-electrolyte imbalances

-irregular heart beat

-muscle cramping


-swelling of the breast (men)

Side effects of the diet plan include:

-nausea and vomiting



-mood swings


The FDA has not approved FCG for weight loss but has done so for pregnancy treatment.

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