GA family faces hardships with mother's mysterious illness

GA family faces hardships with mother's mysterious illness

GREENVILLE, GA (WTVM) - A Greenville, GA woman is battling with a medical mystery that so far, no doctor can pinpoint.

Brandi Fountain, 31, says she is constantly in pain from her unknown illness and can barely take care of herself.

Her boyfriend of three years says he quit his job after she was hospitalized on Oct. 3, 2014 so he could take care of her.

Now, the family of three is struggling financially. 

"I just want to be able to live on my own again," Fountain said.

Fountain says she has a referral to the Mayo Clinic, but it would cost $10,000 for her initial appointment, a price she cannot afford. 

Her health crisis began with her October 2014 hospitalization at Warm Springs Medical Center. She developed a purple dot on her nose and before she knew it, her entire body was covered in blisters in the same color.

As she looked down at the scars that cover the majority of her arms, she admitted that the damage was more than skin deep. Fountain says in fact her self-esteem is completely gone causing her to feel depressed most of the time.

"I feel ugly," Fountain said.

Nearly a month after the blisters covered her body, she suffered a stroke and three seizures. She says her son Tyler, 11, was with her when one of her health-related episodes happened. He has ADHD and has suffered with symptoms similar to PTSD since witnessing it.

Fountain's eyes filled with tears and her body trembled as she listened to her son talk about their lives before her illness.

"I miss that she could take me places and do a lot more with me," Tyler said.

Tyler's mom heartbroken that she can no longer do certain activities with her son.

"I'm not the mother that I was before," Fountain says.

Fountain has been to five different hospitals and nearly a dozen doctors but there is still no diagnosis. She currently takes 15 different medications and is concerned that somewhere during her treatment she may have been given expired medications or was prescribed something she was allergic to.

She says it's the only thing she thinks could cause her entire body to turn purple and blister. Now she's requesting her medical records and at least one hospital says they've sent them.

"Those records were requested on Dec. 11, 2014 and we have records, where her medical record was copied and forwarded to Champion Law Group, LLC on Jan. 8," said Karen Daniel, CEO of Warm Springs Medical Center.

Fountain's attorney confirms they have received medical records from Warm Springs Medical Center and that they are requesting records from several others, including Emory University Hospital.

In the meantime, she is still in a lot of pain from nerve damage, has appointments four times a month, and her condition is still un-diagnosed.

She prays a medical professional will hear her story and come forward with information on her condition so that it can be treated properly. 

A GoFundMe account set up for the family will cover medical expenses and expenses for her to be seen at the Mayo Clinic. 

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