Alabama Gun Laws

Gun laws and how residents obtain concealed carry permits was a hot topic during a news conference Tuesday afternoon in Russell County.
This comes about three weeks after a man from the Chattahoochee Valley opened fire in a Louisiana movie theater killing two people with a gun he legally purchased in Phenix City despite known mental health issues.

Inside Alabama's State Legislature a proposed law will make it easier to carry loaded weapons. The proposed legislation will be much like in the state of Georgia where you can carry a weapon inside your car without a concealed carry permit as it acts as an extension of your home.
Currently in Alabama you can carry a weapon in your car but it has to be unloaded in a secured container that is not accessible to anyone in the passenger compartment. About a dozen sheriffs at Tuesday's press conference are fighting to keep this law in place to prevent further mass shootings.

Russell County sheriff Heath Taylor emphasizes they are not trying to impose on residents 2nd amendment "right to bear arms" but they're suggesting residents be required to have A carry permit to ride with a gun in their car for the safety of others.
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