Murdered Columbus cab driver's family releases balloons in his memory

Balloons released for Byron Brown

COLUMBUS, GA (WXTX) - On the same day a killer is sentenced to life without parole for the murder of a Columbus cab driver, the victim's family does something special to remember their missing loved one.

The family of Byron Brown gathered at Homicide Victims Memorial on the Columbus Riverwalk, to release balloons Tuesday afternoon in honor of his memory. Family members said a word of prayer, then the balloons went up. Brown's daughter spoke to us about the event.

"I just feel like we'll be able to start live again instead of exist and hopefully our lives can go on continue to prosper," Brown's daughter Zaakirah Bilal said.

At the balloon release, the family also brought with a plaque with Brown's picture on it.

As for the cab driver's killer, a jury convicted Sandy Mitchell last week of malice and felony murder after officials claim he robbed and shot Brown in the back of the head after riding in his cab in September of 2012.

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