Bill Nye fan-fueled Kickstarter breaks crowdsourcing documentary record

Bill Nye fan-fueled Kickstarter breaks crowdsourcing documentary record

(WTVM) – A Kickstarter campaign started by two superfans of scientist and educator Bill Nye have surpassed their goal and a record on the crowdsourcing website for a documentary film.

The Kickstarter campaign began earlier this summer with a goal of $650,000 by David Alvarado and Jason Sussberg, and will be produced by Academy Award winning documentary producer Seth Gordon and Nick Pampenella, according to Variety.

The Bill Nye film Kickstarter has raised more than $756,000 from more than 15,000 backers, breaking a documentary fundraising record. The project will end on Aug. 13 at 10 p.m. EST. The previous record holder was a Leonard Nimoy-based documentary entitled "For the Love of Spock."

"Once the host of a popular kid's show, Bill is about to take off his 'Science Guy' lab coat and battle the naysayers to create a more scientifically literate and engaged universe," the Kickstarter description says. "We're going to make a film about it. A film for science. A film for the cosmos. The full access, exclusive film about Bill Nye."

The two guys – obvious fans of Nye's popular PBS/Disney show "Bill Nye the Science Guy," which ran on PBS from 1993 to 1998, tapped right into the hearts of millennials with their campaign.

Backers who donate various amounts get specific Bill Nye-based swag including: a Bill Nye emoji set, a bow tie for your dog, hand-written notes from his debate with creationist Ken Hamm, a Hanksy T-shirt that reads "Get Rich or Nye Tryin'" and other features.

Those who top out with donations of $10,000 could get an associate producer credit for the film or have Nye substitute teach at your school – which would be the best science lesson of all time.

There is no word on when the film will be released.

The campaign is open for one more day. If you'd like to donate and believe that science rules, click here.

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