Dog of murdered homeless man finds new home

Dog of murdered homeless man finds new home

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) – When William Edwards, a homeless Columbus man was brutally murdered in July, his dog Sassy lost her owner.

Now Sassy has a new home - she was adopted by a Columbus couple.

While the pair doesn't want their names released, they do want everyone to know how grateful they are to the community for all of the support they have been given.

"She's received little gift bags and cards of good wishing, with treats and cans of dog food, and play toys," one of Sassy's owners said. "A tremendous cash outpouring from the community – a special thank you to the [Columbus] Cottonmouths, who made a tremendous monetary donation, and that money is all in Sassy's account with the vet and will be used for her care and treatment."

The couple wants everyone to know Sassy is doing amazingly well in her new home and they are just glad they have a new pet to bring joy to their lives.

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