Honing self-defense skills can prevent you from being a victim of crime

Honing self-defense skills can prevent you from being a victim of crime

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - In any given situation, the chances of having to protect yourself, family or friends from danger is becoming very common these days.

But would you know the necessary skills to make sure you're safe and able to get away from an attacker?

News Leader Nine's Irisha Jones went to a self-defense class Thursday to get potential lifesaving information.

TaeKwonDo Plus in Columbus is offering a new self-defense class to help people protect themselves. They say knowing what to do and how to fight back could help you not only avoid being a victim of crime, it could also save your life.

For the group of people who attended the class ranging in age from 13 and older, defending themselves has become a top priority.

"I don't want anything to happen to me or my kids or any of my friends if I were around," said Alexandria Piach.

Piach say it's a spike in certain crimes around town that has her in a more cautious mood these day.

"Some issues downtown that were going on and some cars that were broken into more, houses being invaded... If I was walking downtown..or in the alley way and I was attacked, I would want to know how to get away," added Piach.

Learning to use their body as a self defense tool and other tactics to better defend themselves are taught in the specialized class.

"Most people don't realize but from the crime statistics in Columbus area every 1 in 12 people might be chosen as a victim of a crime," said Monika Bishop-McElwee, owner of TaeKwonDo Plus

With those statistics, Taekwondo and master lever instructor Monika McElwee says being aware of your surroundings and having self defense skills is the best way to reduce those numbers.

"Also not being scared to fight back. Sometimes it's just a verbal strategy like no! Leave me alone. You have a lot of trained military people around and trained males in other aspects, you never know what the attacker may know," said McElwee.

Along with using your body in the line of self defense, instructors say they can also show you how to use something simple such as a set of car keys and bug spray to deter a criminal away from you during a crime.

TaeKwonDo Plus will offer self defense classes every two months and they are open to the public.

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