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Murder Suspect Brent Springford Jr. Receives First Visitor

Springford, Jr. Springford, Jr.

Captured and returned to Montgomery, the wheels of justice are now turning for Brent Springford, Junior. He is accused of killing his parents in Montgomery around Thanksgiving and he was returned to Montgomery over the weekend.

Bill Blanchard has never met or even seen the new inmate in the Montgomery County jail until now. Blanchard is one of Springford's court appointed attorneys who described Springford as slightly built, soft spoken and looks a little tired and worried.

"I wouldn't say he appeared to be anymore anxious, fretful or worrisome anymore than you would expect from someone in this situation he in," Blanchard says. 

The situation he's in? A capital murder charge for allegedly beating both of his parents to death. The bodies of Brent and Charlotte Springford were found the day after Thanksgiving.

Springford arrived in Montgomery from Colorado Saturday afternoon and was rushed into the police station. Afterwards, he was taken to the county jail where Blanchard says right now he's in a single cell alone because of nurse's orders. Springford says he suffers from a bi-polar disorder.

"We did talk about what his medications were and I believe....he's gotten some of it," Blanchard says. "I don't know whether he's getting everything he's suppose to have, but he's not a doctor and neither am I. So, we're just going to have to figure that out."

Blanchard spent about an hour in jail and said he and Springford didn't talk much about the substance of the case. He said it was just a meeting to get acquainted.

Springford's first Alabama court appearance is Tuesday.

Reporter: Eileen Jones

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