Kinnett Stadium gets artificial turf upgrade

Kinnett Stadium gets artificial turf upgrade

(WTVM) - High school football season is just around the corner, and the teams aren't the only ones furiously getting ready.

Out at Kinnett Stadium, they're putting in some long hours to complete a $670,000 upgrade of the busiest high school stadium in the state of Georgia.

The grass will be greener than on the other sidelines - because it's not grass. Hardworking folks enjoyed time at Kinnett Stadium putting down the new field turf for the football season.

"We have done 16, 17-hour days. As you can tell it's still a little warm at night with the humidity, but it's a lot better at night than it would be during the day," Jason Kennedy said.

And while work continues during the day, excitement grows for Muscogee County Athletic Director Todd Stanfill.

"You can play out here every day, whereas that wasn't the case with grass,' Stanfill said.

And this new turf will eliminate the concern of a rain storm.

"They have drainage underneath them and on the turf actually there's little drain holes for water to drain through and there's gravel, like two feet of gravel underneath the turf. This field's going to drain perfectly," Kennedy said.

"You don't have to worry about someone playing in a rainstorm on Thursday and then it being muddy on Friday you won't have to worry about that," Stanfill said.

Once the project is complete, the teams will be ready to play on their new field.

"I'm sure they're all just dying to get on it now," Kennedy said.

And crews will be working night and day to make sure the field is ready on gameday.

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