WTVM Editorial 8/14/15: Sen. Isakson sounds off on latest IRS report

WTVM Editorial 8/14/15: Sen. Isakson sounds off on latest IRS report

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - U.S. Senator Johnny Isakson (R-GA) didn't hold back his criticism of the Internal Revenue Service.

A bipartisan report confirmed the IRS did indeed target conservative political groups and worked for their union on government time. Sen. Isakson said he was outraged, and so are we.

A Senate Finance Committee report blamed the IRS, including the well-known Lois Lerner and others, for creating new and difficult hoops for conservative groups to jump through and additional obstacles to overcome, as if the process wasn't hard enough already!

Those tactics caused delays of over 600 days in getting applications reviewed.

Tax exempt status was granted only one conservative organization during a three-year period.

The Senate investigation concluded the IRS was influenced by the political beliefs of individual IRS employees in an obvious attempt to limit constitutionally protected political speech.

Then a government agency as powerful as the IRS is allowed to go on a political witch hunt, we, the citizens, who pay all the government's bills, are in danger.

The people who did wrong at the IRS need to be fired. We have plenty of honest, smart, objective Americans who need a job and will follow the law.
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