WTVM Editorial 8/14/15: The dangers of 'Flakka'

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) – There is a new, deadly synthetic stimulant known as "Flakka."

It is said to be more addictive than crystal meth or crack cocaine. In 2014, the DEA placed the drug on its list of illegal controlled substances.

But when it comes to Flakka, we can't blame drug cartels for making or selling it.

According to USA Today, unlike other drugs, anyone can order it off the Internet from China or India and have it shipped here by UPS.

Users call it "gravel" for its rocky, salt-like appearance. So far 25 deaths in Florida have been attributed to Flakka. If it moves north to Georgia and Alabama, we are all going to feel the pain.

California, Kentucky and Illinois have seen many cases of Flakka causing users to suffer paranoid delusions and periods of intense aggression, not to mention a potentially deadly racing heartbeat. Law enforcement in our area already have their hands full with more routine drug related crimes.

It's not too soon to demand Congress pass a law to ban the internet sale of Flakka to make sure this strange, synthetic drug is stopped in its tracks.

And parents would be smart to start educating their children that these dangerous designer drugs can ruin young lives in a heartbeat.
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