Callaway Gardens host 'Share a Coke' event Saturday

Callaway Gardens host 'Share a Coke' event Saturday

CALLAWAY GARDENS, GA (WTVM) – Ever wanted to see your name in lights?

Coca-Cola is looking to help you come close to that on their Share a Coke Tour that stopped by Callaway Gardens on Saturday.

Guest at Callaway Gardens were able to personalize a mini Coke can with their name and make another can to share all for free.

The purpose is to reach out to more people with unique names as they travel across the nation, said Stefanie Davis, emcee and team leader of the Share a Coke event.

"People get excited about it especially if they don't see their name printed on anything, and they tend to drink coke more it seems," Davis said. "And we got the samples too for the people who don't get to try it can try it, they tend to buy more coke, and then you're starting to see more names on the bottles as well because of these events. Names are going into databases so that way more names are going on the bottles. So it makes people feel really special."

For information on the next tour stop or to purchase a personalized can of Coca-Cola of your own, check out their website by clicking here.

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