Family remembers murdered brother

Family remembers murdered brother

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) -  The family of 57-year-old Simon King Jr. is mourning their loved one's senseless death and remembering the fond memories with him as well.

His sisters say they will always recall the way King belted out the lyrics to his favorite songs from The Temptations and his funny dance moves.

"I'm going to miss that," said Lillie Mae Cross, King's sister.

Cross and her sisters called him "June Bug." 

"He was funny; he loved everybody. One thing about it he was retarded, he was born retarded."

The family also says what's even more disheartening is their brother had served 17 years in prison in Georgia and was released this past April on an aggravated assault charges, just four months after his release.  

"But I am so worried about the ones who are out that are free that did it to him," stated Carolyn Woods, King's sister.

"God loves you, he doesn't love what you did, so turn yourself up and you will be in peace too."

King was shot last Thursday on 28th Avenue. Police told the family the gunman called him to this gold or silver four door car and shot him. He died this past weekend after being removed from life support.

King's jail time was due to an aggravated assault charge.

His death is the twelfth homicide this year in Columbus. This time last year, there were seven murders and five shootings this month alone.

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