Founder of Carl Gregory Enterprises says he's not retiring

Founder of Carl Gregory Enterprises says he's not retiring

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - It's a father and son duo at the helm of the Carl Gregory Enterprises.

With their desks back to back, eyeballing each other every day, it's a relationship that's unmatched by local competitors.

When we make choices, we make them together and we're in total tandem in this and we do have other things we want to do in the future."

Exactly what their future plans entail, Gregory would not say. But for now, the duo is getting out of the car business selling to the number one car dealership in the U.S., AutoNation. 

"They are the perfect partner for this. For our employees…everyone will have the opportunity to apply and work for AutoNation," explained Gregory. 

It's been a good run for Gregory, but he had the scare of his life just last year when a saleswoman of his was kidnapped during a test drive. The stolen car turned up crashed during a high speed chase with police near Atlanta. 

But he reminisces on the beginning. 

"In '87, I got to the junction of I-185 and 85 and saw a sign that said 'no services for 85 miles' and I said, oh my gosh where am I going...and six months later, I'm wondering should I have come a long time ago."

"Gregory will be missed. We got reaction from this long time customer." 

"I've been satisfied so far...they done me right but I'm not a big conglomerate, you sometimes lose that personal touch." 

AutoNation released this statement: 

"We are pleased to have the opportunity to add 13 stores in Georgia, Alabama and Tennessee and 3 stores in the Baltimore, MD / Washington, D.C. market and bring AutoNation's store count to 253 from Coast to Coast."

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