Former Columbus police corporal denied job back on force

Former Columbus police corporal denied job back on force

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A former Corporal with the Columbus Police Department will not get her job back on the force, after wrongdoings involving dozens of sex crimes cases.

Valerie Holder was fired from her position by Columbus' chief of police in 2014. And she was finally got a chance to appeal that decision Wednesday after several delays.

The Personnel Review Hearing Board decided to uphold the decision of the police department.

An investigation by the Office of Professional Standard revealed Holder failed to properly investigate, question, follow-up and sometimes not process evidence in at least 45 cases in the sex crimes unit.

Holder's attorney says his client is being discriminated against after she filed a EEOC compliant on June 24, 2014 and she had too many cases to handle as lead investigator.

Police Chief Ricky Boren says he had no choice but to fire her -- just thinking about all the victims whose cases were never heard, or tried in court.

"We are disappointed in the finding of the review board. We had hoped they would give her job back in fact we think she really did a service for the Columbus Police department by filing the compliant that brought to light of a lot of problems in the sex crimes unit," Mark Post, attorney for Valerie Holder.

"We have followed up on the cases that were delinquent, arrests have been made, some closed but that is our job and when you fail the job, I can not allow you to remain with the Columbus Police Department," said Chief Boren.

Holder was not the only person reprimanded in this case. Chief Boren says he terminated a sergeant, disciplined a lieutenant and transferred everyone that was in that unit. Attorney Post says he and his client will determine if the next steps in this hearing will be a legal action against the city of Columbus.

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