Midland church members help feed 60,000

Midland church members help feed 60,000

MIDLAND, GA (WTVM) - Eighty volunteers in our area spent Wednesday night packing - not for vacation, but to help feed the needy.

Members of Midland United Methodist Church packed 10,000 bags that will feed 60,000 people. It's for Stop Hunger Now, an organization that provides meals to the world's most vulnerable populations.

The local churchgoers worked in assembly-line fashion to label, scoop, weigh ingredients, seal and send boxes to the Stop Hunger Now truck.

"I felt like this something that could be fun to do and know that you can feed that many people with this little effort just beyond real comprehension but it is just great thanks," volunteer Charlotte Freeman said.

This was the first time Midland United Methodist Church took part in this event. Church members packed and loaded 10,000 rice-soy packets and bags, each able to feed up to six people.

Stop Hunger Now - based in Raleigh, North Carolina - distributes to 65 nations spanning the globe from Haiti and Peru to Africa and Malaysia.

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