This date in history: The Grand Slam and the Grandson

This date in history: The Grand Slam and the Grandson

Alex Rodriguez hit another grand slam this week, the 25th of his career. It came Tuesday night in the seventh inning of a game against Minnesota, and helped lift the Yankees to an 8-4 win.

A-Rod holds the record for career grand slams, passing the legendary Lou Gehrig two years ago at Yankee Stadium. Ironically, Gehrig set the record on this date in 1938, when he deposited a Buck Ross fastball in the stands of Philadelphia's Shibe Park.

Gehrig's record of 23 grand slams stood for 75 years, and was never really challenged until Rodriguez came along.  You might say Manny Ramirez had a shot at one point. He finished with 19 grand slams.

So now that Rodriguez holds the record, how long before another player comes along to top it? It could be Brian McCann. The former Braves catcher is in his tenth major league season and has already hit eleven grand slams. Oh yes, he now plays for the Yankees.

Today is also the anniversary of our 23rd president's birth.  Benjamin Harrison was born Aug. 20, 1833 in North Bend, Ohio. Here are three facts about Harrison that make him stand out above others, despite a lackluster presidency.

First, he is the only grandson of a president to also hold the office. William Henry Harrison was elected when young Ben was a mere seven years old.  Sadly, the elder Harrison served only one month in office before dying of pneumonia.

Second, Benjamin Harrison is one of eight presidents from Ohio. Others include Ulysses S. Grant, Rutherford B. Hayes and William Howard Taft.  Ohio is second only to Virginia in producing U.S. presidents.

Third, Harrison was both preceded and succeeded in office by the same man.  Grover Cleveland was elected president in 1884, but was defeated by Harrison four years later. The tables were turned in 1892 when Cleveland beat Harrison and returned the White House for a second non-consecutive term.

Speaking of presidents, our thoughts are with Jimmy Carter, who announced today that cancer has spread from his liver to his brain. The 90-year old is undergoing treatment at Emory University Hospital. We wish him the best.

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