Auburn University researches breastfeeding benefits

Auburn University researches breastfeeding benefits

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) - Thanks to a new $100,000 federal grant, Auburn University is conducting new research that could further support that breastfeeding provides the best start for not only babies, but also their mothers.

Previous research has shown breastfeeding's benefits to babies, but unfortunately there is a gap in data that would show its potential benefits to the mothers.

Coordinators of the study at Auburn say they will examine why women who breastfeed have lower incidents of obesity and Type 1 diabetes. They are optimistic this study will help in evaluating interventions for women that are unable to nurse.

"The end goal is to understand how lactation influences how mitochondria work. We anticipate this will lead to more research in the future and in the long run we will be able to explain to women why breastfeeding is valuable and valuable to their own health and valuable to offspring," AU professor Dr. Wendy Hood said.

The goal is to have all the samples collected by this December. After completing lab analysis, people involved in the Auburn University research hope to have results by Fall 2017.

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