WTVM Editorial 8/21/15: Women Army Rangers lead the way to graduation

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) – How exciting! Two of the 19 women who endured grueling training to become U.S. Army Rangers, have graduated along with 94 men - all of them the cream of the crop, the best the Army has to offer.

Capt. Kristen Griest, Connecticut and 1st Lt. Shaye Haver, of Texas were honored with their fellow Rangers at a special ceremony at Victory Pond at Fort Benning.

They began their incredibly demanding journey back in April. It ended 62 days later, after pushing through the most relentless physical and mental obstacles imaginable so they could earn the coveted Ranger tab.

Captain Griest and Lieutenant Haver are both West Point graduates, no easy feat in itself. They share that honor with the likes of General George Patton, President Dwight Eisenhower and Astronaut Buzz Aldrin.

These extraordinary women and the men they graduated Ranger School with are all worthy of our praise and thanks.They serve as role models to thousands of young people, men and women, who will choose a military career because these Rangers inspire them.

Although these women Rangers can't yet serve in the same way their male counterparts will, the Army may change that. The Defense Secretary has a year to decide their role.

Lieutenant Haver and Captain Griest have already changed history.

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