8/21/15 WTVM Editorial: Clinton emails

8/21/15 WTVM Editorial: Clinton emails

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) – The growing email scandal involving presidential candidate Hillary Clinton can often seem like a "he said-she said" argument over what is and what is not classified information.

Mrs. Clinton says she didn't do anything wrong and wants to move on from the controversy. Her detractors say not so fast: real laws might have been broken.

It seems like just the kind of political standoff designed to make the public tune out of politics at a time when we all need to pay attention.

One argument Clinton makes is that she copied the State Department on almost every email so others could evaluate if the email ought to be saved.

But the State Department now says it can't find any evidence for this claim. It seems the State Department's archival process had major flaws and often failed at that time.

That is frightening if true. At the least, it means during Clinton's tenure as Secretary of State, important technology was failing while she was in charge.

Any business would not let that kind of major system failure go unfixed. Clinton also claims not to understand how her servers worked and maybe she shouldn't have to know the details.

But the true test of a leader is to take responsibility and even better, figure out a way to fix it. It's still early in the campaign.

There is plenty of time for Clinton and her key aides to speak up, admit there were irregularities in her private email system and even admit that using such a system was not the best idea.

That would be refreshing: a candid politician who owns up to a poor decision.

That's what a leader and a presidential contender should do.

We'll be watching.

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