Family Fun Coming To Uptown Columbus

Music, food and more is coming to Uptown Columbus this fall and upcoming spring.

Uptown Columbus's annual events will continue including their fall concert series and the Blues, Brews and Q Festival. 

For the very first time Uptown Columbus will host a Food Truck Festival as it will partner with food trucks in the Valley and in Atlanta.  The plans were announced during a press conference today

Activities will be available for everyone in the Chattahoochee Valley! "What Uptown is doing with our events is trying to find something for everybody whether you're a foodie or a music lover or you like to walk your dog, whatever it may be we are trying to have an event for it or a place to come down and need to visit every single weekend, says Vice President of Marketing and Communications Rebecca Zajac.

There's also a plan for valet parking in Uptown, though no start date has been determined on when it will start.