Columbus mother faces charges after baby shot by sibling

Columbus mother faces charges after baby shot by sibling

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) -  A Columbus woman appeared in court Friday after police say her 5-year-old son shot her 19-month-old infant.

Dakina Fortson, 20, originally told police her baby was shot in a drive-by shooting on Wednesday, Aug. 19.

Fortson faces charges of falsely reporting a crime and reckless conduct after Investigators say they discovered she was lying.

Columbus police detective Jason Brown says through their investigation police discovered several guns in Fortsons Elizabeth Canty apartment along with other evidence that contradicted Fortson's claims.

“We found bullet holes in the walls but it look like she has moved furniture, or somebody had moved some furniture to try to cover up the scene," Brown said. 

Brown says they gathered the evidence and presented it to Fortson, giving her an opportunity to 
come clean.

"She then admitted that she had lied to police because she was scared and she didn't want to get in trouble she stated the true story was that her five year old son had got a hold of the .357 magnum and he shot the firearm which ended up striking his little brother in the hand,” said Brown.

In addition to the .357 magnum revolver that the infant was shot with Brown says they found a .380 kel tec underneath Fortsons mothers bed. Fortson did confirm to police that she lives with her mother, her 18-year-old brother along with her two kids but that the firearms belong to her boyfriend.

Detective Brown says she's currently pregnant with her third child.

Fortson was issued a $2,500 bond for reckless conduct and a $250 bond for falsely reporting a crime. However, he says her case is still under investigation so if police obtain new evidence or witness testimonies, Fortson could face additional charges.

Detectives say the child does not have any life threatening injuries and was placed in his grandmother's custody.

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