Person involved in Phenix City officer-involved shooting walking with cane after incident

Person involved in Phenix City officer-involved shooting walking with cane after incident

PHENIX CITY, AL (WTVM) - Doctors may not be able to remove a bullet lodged inside the body of the man injured in the officer-involved shooting in Phenix City on Monday, August 17.

After three days, he's now out of the hospital and spoke about the ordeal in an exclusive interview.

Brandon Stinson says the incident left him seriously injured, and believes the shooting is just a big misunderstanding. But they're hoping by speaking with us today, it could prevent something like this from happening to someone else. They are also waiting for answers from police.

Barbara Stinson remembers the scary phone call from her husband Monday morning.

"Baby, I've been shot. I said huh? What you mean, He said the police shot me," said Barbara.

The incident happened around 8:30 a.m. when Brandon left the house to run some errands.

"Just trying to go pay a simple bill. Headed down the road just trying to mind my business," said Brandon.

He was shot in the back by a Phenix City Police officer after an attempted traffic stop.

His wife added, "This has caused emotional, mental and financial stress on my husband and I, but it will not cause spiritual stress."

According to a press release by police officials, Brandon refused to stop for the officer, but eventually his car struck a parked vehicle in a yard at 12th Ave and 17th Street. As he tried to get out the car, the officer fired, hitting him once.

"It was a big misunderstanding, cause basically I was coming out unarmed. Giving it all I got as far as my hands up. And I don't think it should have went that far the way it did," said Brandon.

He admitted he wasn't wearing a seat belt. Officials say he had an outstanding warrant and several bags of marijuana visible in his car, but when asked the question to Stinson's attorney on Friday evening, he was not able to confirm that information.

"Our firm is committed to finding answers and getting to the bottom of this. The events that took place before, during and after the traffic stop," said Larry Cook, representing the Stinson family.

"He was accused of things that were false," said Barbara.

The father of three is now walking with a cane after the incident. After the bullet went through his back, it's now lodged in his side. Brandon says there's a lesson in all this and wants to send a message to the community.

"Just be safe when you out there. Follow all procedure and make sure your hands are up and visible," replied Brandon.

The Stinson's and their attorney are waiting until the investigation is complete before possibly taking further legal action.

The officer involved in this shooting Pamela Cook, a two year officer, has been placed on administrative leave. The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency is investigating. We spoke to Phenix City's police chief earlier this week incident earlier this week. The Phenix City Police Department is directing all questions to ALEA. Below is an updated statement from Sgt. Steve Jarrett, of the Public Information Unit in Alabama concerning the incident.

"The SBI is actively investigating this case at the request of the Phenix City Police Chief. Since the investigation is ongoing nothing further can be released. Once the SBI completes it's investigation the findings will be turned over to the District Attorney."

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