Whittlesey Rd construction still ongoing after 3 years

Whittlesey Rd construction still ongoing after 3 years

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Drivers will have to tolerate a congested area in north Columbus longer than originally planned.

The construction on Whittlesey Road is still months away from being completed.

Originally, Whittlesey Road was projected to be completed in two and a half years, but after three years, the plan still remains unfinished.

"The project is moving," said Rick Jones, city planning director. "It may not seem like it at times, but the project is actually moving forward. They've had some difficulties in dealing with utilities and some other issues on the site itself but it should be getting close to actually opening roadway up to travel. It doesn't mean it'll be clear out there."

For drivers, it's an ongoing headache they'd like to see resolved sooner than later.

"It is getting more difficult by the day," said a customer at Aquarius Pools.

On the other hand, the manager at Aquarius Pools claims the project has not had an impact on business.

Jones states that four lanes should be accessible in October, but the final product will not be complete before Christmas 2015.

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