More IRS scams hit the Chattahoochee Valley

More IRS scams hit the Chattahoochee Valley
Columbus, GA (WTVM) – The Better Business Bureau confirms that there are reports of IRS scams across the Chattahoochee Valley.
Leonard Crain Jr., CEO of The Better Business Bureau, says IRS Scams are an on-going issue.
Elderly people tend to be targeted, but people of all ages are typically unaware that the IRS does not call people to collect payments.
According to, if you owe the IRS money they will send you a notice by mail.
“If you receive threatening phone calls that you are going to jail or a high pressure call that you need to immediately pay us or give us a credit card number over the phone,” Crain says it is probably a scam.

He says most people who give their information out in an IRS scam become a victim of identity theft.

If you receive a phone call from someone claiming they are the IRS, you should file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission
. Even if you really owe taxes, the IRS says not to make a payment to a person calling you.

You can pay directly to the IRS website, make a payment by mail or call them directly to make your payment by phone.

The Federal Trade Commission says to avoid scams, keep up with your bank and billing statements, never wire money to someone you don’t know and never reply to messages asking for your personal or financial information.

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