Experts advise fighting as last resort option to active shooter

Experts advise fighting as last resort option to active shooter

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - With the rate of public shootings making headlines these days, including the Wednesday shooting of a reporter and photographer during a live broadcast, preventative measures are big talkers across the country; from debates over gun control to mental health treatment.

The first thing officials recommend is fleeing or hiding should those preventative measures fail, but what experts and the media less often dig into is the last resort which is fighting.

Some might say it's been a summer of carnage for the United States, from the mass shooting at a Charleston church, to the attack on a military recruiting office in Chattanooga, to a copy-cat movie theater styled massacre in Louisiana.

All different in motive, and nature, but all still claiming the lives of innocent victims.

"If they're right there at point-blank range, you've got choices to make," said Captain Curtis Lockette with the Muscogee County Marshal's Office.

FBI experts advise Americans to first run and hide if shots ring out in your work environment, or other public place, but what if those aren't options?
What if an active shooter is within point-blank range? What if fighting is your only option?

"Am I going to just let him shoot me, or am I going to now do something to fight," asked Capt. Lockette.

The FBI recommends doing things to incapacitate your attacker if need be, as well as using improvised weapons and physical aggression.

"It can be a chair, it can be sometimes throwing a glass, because we have that built in reflex, if you can get someone to just throw their hands up to defend their face, you throw something at someone's face, they're going to automatically do that, even if they're holding a weapon. That gives you an opportunity to run," said Capt. Lockette.

"The whole point of using an improvised weapon or whatever you may need is to give you the opportunity to get away," continued Capt. Lockette.

Meaning if you're trapped, fight to escape, not to do law enforcement's job.

Local law enforcement officers say footage of yesterday's tragic shooting show very limited options for both Alison Parker and Adam Ward, explaining the nature of their position on a narrow balcony made escape or fighting nearly impossible.

Experts also remind everyone of the importance of calling 911 as soon as possible to possibly save their life and other people's lives.

The Muscogee County Marshal's Office offers quarterly classes about how to avoid falling victim to an attacker or active shooter.

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