CSU Criminal Justice program hosts cookout fundraiser

CSU Criminal Justice program hosts cookout fundraiser

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Students from CSU got the opportunity to see what career opportunities are available in the criminal justice field of study.

The Gamma Lambda criminal justice organization met with criminal justice professionals for a cookout fundraiser.

Students got to hear why they should choose to pursue a career in this field despite recent negative depictions of law enforcement across the country.

"Since we do have some negative publicity throughout our nation today, I feel that bringing us together as one unity, with all different law enforcement to show the positive atmosphere that we're having here today in the gathering of fun and enjoyment, will enlighten the community on how we are here in Columbus, GA with our enforcement," said adviser Rhonda Bone.

Proceeds from the fundraiser make it possible for the criminal justice students to attend a regional conference where they compete in shooting, physical agility, and written tests.

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