Groups team up to fight homelessness in LGBT community

Groups team up to fight homelessness in LGBT community

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Local organizations teamed up in Columbus Thursday night to raise awareness about homelessness in the lesbian and gay community.

Event organizer Jeremy Hobbs, founder of COLGAY Pride, says homelessness is growing at an alarming rate within the LGBT community.

Hobbs says some homeless communities are turning away teens and kids because they're gay or transgender.

The goal is to get faith groups and others involved in the effort to help provide safe places for the homeless, said Hobbs.

"We're trying to get the faith involved, because they are a big part of our humanitarianism and it's just bringing people to the table. Just because marriage equality passed on June 26, don't think the fight is over, we still have so many hurdles to overcome," Hobbs said.

The town hall style meeting was held at the Citizens Services Center in Columbus. News Leader 9's Cheryl Renee was the moderator for the event.

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