AHS fans allegedly denied entry to Opelika football game

AHS fans allegedly denied entry to Opelika football game

OPELIKA, AL (WTVM) - Auburn High School football fans are throwing the flag on a policy at Opelika High School football games.

Some fans say they were not allowed into the Opelika-Auburn game on Friday because they were wearing Auburn shirts or colors.

Several Auburn fans purchased "home" section tickets, from third party vendors, when visitor section tickets sold out.

At the gate, some fans say they were told a policy prevented visiting fans from using home tickets and sitting in the Opelika section.

"I understand the rule, I want to follow the rules, I just felt like it was very unfair due to the color of what we were wearing and we have never been treated that way," said Taylor McDonald, who was denied entry to the game.

Opelika Superintendent Dr. Mark Neighbors says the policy has existed since the early 1990s when a knife was pulled after a Prattville Opelika game.

Normally they allow visiting fans to use home tickets to sit on the visitors' side, but those were sold out.

He says the info will be printed on the back of all tickets next year to limit confusion.

Dr. Neighbors also said police broke up a fight between two middle school students during the game.

He said a parent thought they saw a gun and yelled a warning into the crowd.

One of the broadcasters heard and accidentally said it over the radio to fans who were listening to the game.

Dr. Neighbors says although families were scared, there was no gun, and nobody was hurt.

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