Phenix City Council discuses $36M+ budget

Phenix City Council discuses $36M+ budget

PHENIX CITY, AL (WTVM) - After crunching the numbers, Phenix City Council members held a public meeting to discuss the proposed budget for the 2015/16 fiscal year with the public.

The price tag sits at $36,619,390 with a majority of that majority of that money coming from taxes.

This is a more than $1 million or 3.8 percent increase compared to last year.

Sewage increases will go up about $1.26 for a family of four, starting October 1.

The trash fee will now be $18.40, and if you are a low-income resident, you can apply to be exempt from the garbage fees for next year.

Also, the sales tax will jump to 9 percent on January 1, 2016.

There was a low attendance at Tuesday's meeting and Mayor Eddie Lowe says the council is transparent.

"We certainly want to raise the amenities in Phenix City, it takes money and you have to make some hard decisions but that's what leadership is. It's never about you, it's about the holistic approach for the people who live here," Mayor Lowe said.

The council is set to meet with their garbage contractor, Advanced Disposal, to try to come to an agreement that may result in a rebate for residents.

The city is  adjusting payroll for public safety employees by a five percent increase, and they're also working on multiple projects including a new museum, additions to the Riverwalk, as well as pool and street renovations.

In the end the city plans on having a operating revenue balance close to $30,000.

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