Hardaway High accepts $9,300 donation for new LED sign

Hardaway High accepts $9,300 donation for new LED sign

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - In honor of Hardaway High School's 50th Anniversary, a donation was made for the purchase of a new LED marquee sign.

The Hardaway High Alumni Association announced that a donation of $9,300 was made to the school for the sign.

"The new sign will allow the school to better promote the school's activities and events and provide a better way to communication messages to parents, students and the community," says Board President Billy Kendall.

At a recent meeting at the school, Principal Matt Bell was shown receiving the check from President Billy Kendall.

"Hardaway will reach half a century this year. On Nov. 14, 1965, the school was officially named Hardaway High School," Bell said.

On Thursday, Nov. 19 the alumni association will hold a birthday social in the school cafeteria. It will start at 6 p.m. and there will be refreshments, tours of the school and much more.

For more information about the Hardaway High Alumni Association please click here.

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