Teen's mother recounts her son's tragic death

Teen's mother recounts her son's tragic death

COLUMBUS, GA (WTMV) - A month after the tragic death of 17-year old-Romel Dill, his mother is still trying to understand the ordeal.

"The night before, I dropped him off at a friend's house. I got a text about 12:02 a.m. and he said, 'Ma, I'm going to be late coming home."

Two hours later on August 6, Dill decided to leave that friend's house on Wellborn Drive off Forrest Road and walk home. His mom said the trek takes about an hour on foot.

"He knew I was a single mom and he always tried to look after me. He didn't want to wake me up to come get him, although he knew I would have. I knew the friend's mother would bring him home as well."

Sometime before 3 a.m. the hit and run happened near Dimon Magnet Academy. By 7 a.m. his body had been discovered by a passerby.

His mother drove past the scene on Steam Mill Road, not knowing that it was her own son who had been hit and killed.  His body was still lying on the side of the road, just three blocks from their home.

"I instantly detoured and I was thinking, I wonder what happened," stated the mother, who wants to remain anonymous.

She then called her son's phone and a strange voice answered.

"An officer answered and I said, 'Romel.' He said, 'What's his full name and birth date?' I told him and said, 'Can I speak to Romel, please?' He said, 'I don't have all the answers right now. Can I get your name and number and I'll call you back?'"

She didn't wait for that call; she went back to the scene and heard the painful news.

"I didn't want hear that my son was dead."

The family then began to plan the funeral and took Romel home to Chicago to be buried.

Now, almost a month later, his mother tries to remember the good times they shared.

"I found an assignment that he wrote for school and it was about 'who is your greatest inspiration'...and it was his mom and I was just in tears," stated the mother.

Romel's mother says he was a very upbeat and happy person and didn't like to see anyone around down in their spirits. His goal was to become a professional baseball player.
The driver, Edward Law, has been charged with vehicular homicide.

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