Labor Day fire safety tips

Labor Day fire safety tips

(WTVM) - Labor Day is the official end of the summer, and it's not time to relax the rules. The fire department says this time of year conditions are dry and that mean fires and heat exhaustion are a big concern.

 If you're planning to grill, smoke, or spark a fire pit this weekend make sure you're in a well ventilated area. Don't grill under an overhang or in a garage.

Make sure to use lighter fluid properly. Don't spray lighter fluid while the charcoal is lit, the fire can travel up the stream causing the fluid to explode.
Capt. Paula Carter says, whatever you do make sure you're within the law, "Columbus, GA does have an outside burning ordinance. You can burn in like a charcoal pit but you cannot have like an outside brush fire, that's against city ordinance."

If the fire department is called and you're found in violation of the city ordinance you can be fined.
It's also a good idea to keep water nearby in a bucket or even the hose in case things gets out of hand. This is good for fires and people who may get overheated.

The fire department is prepared for an influx of calls over the holiday for heat related and water emergencies as well as injuries or fires resulting from fireworks.

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