WTVM Editorial 9/4/15: Police support

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Just last week an employee at a fast food restaurant in Florida refused to serve a police officer, just because she was in uniform.

That was an ignorant kind of disrespect and it's inexcusable. But far more disturbing are the recent baseless killings of officers in three states, including a Houston deputy sheriff.

The Texas deputy was gunned down for no apparent reason at a gas station, where the shooter then continued to pump 14 more bullets into the officer's body even after he had collapsed on the pavement.

Police departments all over the country and here at home now find themselves on high alert. It is indeed a sad state of affairs when police officers have to worry about being at risk of random and mindless violence simply because they are a cop.

When a civilian is shot by police there is always a thorough investigation; If the police are proved to be at fault, there are legal consequences. But nothing, absolutely nothing, justifies the senseless and indefensible shooting of officers as some kind of twisted retribution or as a political statement.

Police officers respond in a heartbeat whenever and wherever you need them. They perform duties big and small, risky things and everyday duties that make our lives better: like catching criminals, helping defuse domestic disputes, arriving at traffic accidents and helping find lost children or wandering, endangered senior citizens.

It is up to all of us to support the police and let the court system deal with the rare problem case. Police officers should never have to look over their shoulders and worry about being a target.

Police have our backs when they shield us from danger. We need to have their backs, now more than ever.

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