WTVM Editorial 9/4/15: Fort Benning support

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) – WTVM is proud to stand in support of our troops everywhere but especially at Fort Benning and other military installations in Georgia.

We also support U.S. Senator Johnny Isakson for speaking out at a recent tour of the fort against the Army's planned force reduction that would cut the number of military personnel at Fort Benning by 3,400.

Senator Isakson, Congressman Sanford Bishop and the Greater Columbus Chamber of Commerce have led the fight to keep the number of soldiers intact at Fort Benning because they realize now is not the time - and Fort Benning is not the place - to make such deep cuts in our military numbers and readiness to respond to crises around the world.

Fort Benning is a special place and not just because it is a major employer with positive economic impact on our entire region. Fort Benning is unique in its specialty: training the men and women who fight on the front lines, ready to deploy quickly where needed.

It is known as the "Home of the Infantry" and its Maneuver Center of Excellence is also focused on the future needs and the best way to support this special fighting force.

If ever we needed to make sure the future of our military is secure, it's now.

We want to thank Senator Isakson, Congressman Bishop, The Chamber and every other community support group that has Fort Benning's best interests at heart.

And we are proud to count ourselves among those steadfast supporters who see Fort Benning as the backbone of our freedom and our way of life.

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