This date in history: First entry in the captain's log

This date in history: First entry in the captain's log

It's ironic that Dragon Con just wrapped up in Atlanta, because today marks the 49th anniversary of the first episode of Star Trek. It debuted on the NBC Television Network September 8, 1966.

That first episode was titled The Man Trap and was written by Twilight Zone veteran George Clayton Johnson.

It involved a creature that could change its appearance to look like anyone. In fact, when we first encounter the thing it has assumed the look of Nancy Crater, a woman for whom Dr. Leonard McCoy once had affections.

To make a long story short, several lesser known crewmen from the Enterprise are killed as the creature seeks life-saving salt from their bodies. It just struck me, wouldn't every crew member aboard the Enterprise be lesser known in the first episode?

Regardless, it ends with a conundrum later popularized in the film, The Omen, as McCoy must kill the creature that has Captain Kirk in its grasp, even though it has assumed the appearance of his beloved Nancy.

The original Star Trek ran for only three seasons, but has grown into a long-running science fiction franchise. More than a dozen Star Trek movies have been made, along with five other television series. And it all started on a Thursday night at 8:30.   

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