3 Brookstone students face sexual battery, hazing charges

3 Brookstone students face sexual battery, hazing charges

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Three juveniles from Brookstone school face sexual battery and hazing charges from an incident that allegedly happened earlier this year, but wasn't reported until recently.

Police say an 11-year-old boy, who was on an athletic team at the school, was assaulted in the locker room with some type of weapon.

The police reports states the incident happened in early February, but wasn't reported until July by a family relative.

Police add the school reported it to the Department of Family and Children Services but not to them.

According to Georgia law, sexual battery is when an object is used to touch another person's private parts without their consent.

"If it endangers the child's health or the physical being of that child whether they were willing to participate or not its hazing," said Lieutenant Dent-Fitzpatrick with the Columbus Police Department.

Lt. Dent-Fitzpatrick said the students' charges are misdemeanors, which is why they weren't taken into custody. Instead, a form was sent stating their charges and when they need to face a judge.

The video of the incident was obtained from a student.

Police made their case on August 26, which is when the students were served forms of arrest or a complaint that states the child's charges.

Dent-Fitzpatrick said because the charges are misdemeanors, they weren't taken into custody.

"So what we do is fill out this form 90 report, we in turn, send it to the juvenile court, the juvenile court sends out a letter or notification to the child that's actually being put under arrest, but not taken into custody and the court tells them what time and date to be in court for the hearing," she said.

It's now up to the juvenile court to decide if they will uphold these charges or dismiss them.

Court dates are unknown at this time because the suspects are juveniles. It will also be a closed court hearing because they're facing sexual charges.

We reached out to headmaster Dr. Frank Brown, who hasn't responded for comment.

The Department of Family and Children Services said they can't "confirm or deny the receipt of a report based on this statute, because O.C.G.A. 49-5-40 (b) prevents us from disclosing information about CPS referrals except in limited circumstances."

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