Fox 54 Columbus Idol winner announced

Fox 54 Columbus Idol winner announced

(WXTX) - You've cast your vote and now the time has come to announce the winner of the 2015 Fox 54 Columbus Idol competition.

Meet 21-year-old Nnenna Jones.

Nnenna signed her contract Wednesday morning at Fox 54 with her mother at her side.

She will attend the Silver Ticket round of the competition – which is not open to the public – on September 13 in Atlanta.

WXTX will secure a hotel for her and a guest. Nnenna says she really admires Whitney Houston because her songs are really a challenge to sing.

"It took me awhile to perform in front of people because I was so shy," she said. "I used to just sing in the house and whenever my mom wanted me to sing in front of somebody I really did not want to sing and now I sing everywhere."

Nnenna sang during her high school graduation at Jordan High in 2013 and also sang in the school's chorus.

As a child, Nnenna says she was shy about singing in front of people, but no longer.

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