"Spiderweb" construction project may undergo changes

"Spiderweb" construction project may undergo changes

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Construction plans to ease a decades old congestion problem at the so called Spiderweb in Columbus are moving forward.

The initial $40 million project is now being revised with an easier plan that costs less than the previous one, according to Planning Director Rick Jones.

"We are looking at constructing a bridge over the railroad tracks on Buena Vista Road. The initial project which involved an underground tunnel was not feasible due to problems with ground water. There aren't enough pipes in the world to pump the water out," said Jones.

Construction will start at the railroad and go over the intersection at MLK Boulevard  and then tie back in at Annette and Buena Vista Road.

Some residents say they've heard about this plan for more than 50 years and they just want to see some action.

"When you're going in that direction and get caught by the train it causes a problem for everybody," explained Willie Harvey a local businesses owner.

Geraldine Wright also lives near the area and said the congestion is a safety hazard.

"You can easily have an accident because drivers are constantly turning around to avoid the train," Wright said. "I will be glad when they do it, but I will not believe it's going to happen until I see it. They've been talking about it all my life."

Work is set to begin in 2016, per approval by city council.

In the meantime, a public meeting will be held on September 14 at Brewer Elementary School from 5:30 to 7 p.m.  Concerned citizens can voice their opinions about the new plans.

The $20 million savings from the new plan and the initial project will be used to continue improving Buena Vista Road, widening lanes and possibly adding a multi-use trail near Wynnton Road, according to Jones.

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