Alabama Lawmakers Passes Bills

The Alabama Legislature is considering multiple tax bills in a second special session, called by Alabama Governor, Robert Bentley.

Among the bills passed in committee Wednesday was a pornography tax, passing by a 10 to 4 margin. The tax would affect prices on adult themed products and establishments.

A cigarette tax passed the House General Fund Committee by a vote of 8 to 6. It would raise a pack of cigarettes by about 25 cents. "It's been hard to say I mean this whole process has been like herding kittens... every time you think you got them all in the basket one jumps out so uh right now the kittens are all in the basket when they may start jumping out later on this afternoon so we will just have to see what happens, “says Republican Representative, Steve Clouse.

A nursing home tax passed committee by an 11 to 3 margin. The tax would add a 15 cent fee that pharmacies would pay on each drug prescription. It's estimated the tax would raise about 8 million dollars per year.

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