Controversy looms over both old and new Riverwalk restrooms

Controversy over new Riverwalk restrooms
COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - New pedestrian bathrooms are now open for public use along the Riverwalk under the 14th Street Bridge.
People in Columbus are questioning the city’s decision to spend $250,000 on new bathrooms, when the old ones on the Riverwalk are not being maintained.
 “That’s definitely a concern. You want a clean bathroom and you don’t want a bunch of people lingering,” says Ryan Sheffield, a Columbus resident.
Sheffield says even though he is concerned about the maintenance of the bathrooms, he still thinks they are a great amenity to have on the river walk.
“Sometimes I bring my family down here to bike and the younger kids want a place to use the restroom so very happy that there are restrooms."
Rick Jones, the Director of Planning says it's worth the investment because the bathrooms are a small piece to a much bigger picture. Once construction is complete, Jones says the River Walk will connect Lake Oliver all the way to Fort Benning.
“We are looking at the north end were the North Highland Bibb Mill area is. Actually continuing the Riverwalk over the dam so that it will connect up to the other part that is already in place now. We are also going to try and connect that area by City Mills.”
The restrooms will be open from 7 a.m. until 7:30 p.m. and will be cleaned by Uptown Columbus for the first 90 days. Jones says city council will revisit maintenance for the restrooms after the 90 days is up. They will then decide if it is feasible for Uptown Columbus to keep them up or if it would be better to pursue other options.

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