Columbus Mayor Holds "Thaw The Freeze" Forum

Columbus Mayor, Teresa Tomlinson made her case to the public Thursday night for her proposed alternative to what's commonly known as a "Property Tax Freeze."

The forum was co-hosted by various fraternities and sororities.

Tomlinson says her "Thaw The Freeze" alternative would not eliminate the property tax freeze, but would grandfather in anyone who is currently under that freeze, so they could remain under it-- as long as they own a home that is frozen in value. "I think it's a shame that I can stay in one spot and my neighbor can stay in another place, I pay $500.00, my neighbor pays $2500.00, we stay in the same neighborhood, we get the same quality of services, yet we're paying different taxes. I think that it hinders a lot of young people and military from actually staying here," says Marquese Averett, President of the Young Minority Leaders.

The forum was held at the Columbus Public Library on Macon Road.

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