WTVM Editorial 9/11/15: Mother in need

WTVM Editorial 9/11/15: Mother in need

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) – A Columbus mother faces charges of cruelty to children after her two toddlers were found outside, wandering the neighborhood, dressed only in soiled diapers with feces on their skin.

Lisa Newsome pleaded for help in front of the judge: she claimed she was on prescription medications, Lithium and Xanax, and had no idea someone had dropped off her children at her home.

She asked the court for help in the form of parenting classes, and said she does not have physical custody, only legal custody, of the children who had earlier been removed from the home.

As the sad case plays out in court, it's worth noting that were it not for her helpful neighbors, and the police officers who responded to calls for help, the children might have been seriously injured, abducted or worse.

Those Good Samaritan neighbors were heroes for stepping up and calling police. They cleaned up the children and made sure they were safe. Help does exist for overwhelmed parents.

The Family Center in Columbus and the Pastoral Institute are two excellent resource centers.

Churches of any denomination often help needy families find options for child care and parenting classes.

The Department of Family and Children Services should make sure that custodial care and responsibility for any child in a similar situation is crystal clear to the parents and whoever else is involved so all parties are completely aware of their responsibilities.

No child in need should ever fall through the cracks and have to fend for themselves

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